Burn Redeem Issue "Could not estimate gas limit: execution reverted”

Having problems getting my Burn redeem to mint any tokens. transaction says it went through on the block explorer but nothing happened on the user end.


Got it - Thanks for sharing. It appears this was just to approve the token transfer and the burn redeem tx wasn’t submitted.

Every time I try to burn a token nothing happens… I bought one of the burnable tokens myself to see what the problem was but everytime i click confirm i get the message “Could not estimate gas limit: execution reverted”

None of my collectors have had any success purchasing.

We’re trying to figure out whats happening. Can you give us a TL;DR of what tokens you expected to be able to be burned?

Tokens containing the hair trait “Liberty Spikes” from my rug radio FOW3 pfp collection. I have a list of all the token ids that have this trait an inputted those for the burn. It was quite a few but if you need them I have them on hand.

Here is a link to the collection:

Cool thanks for the context, we’ve figured out the issue. We’ll let you know when the fix is live. Once it is you’ll unfortunately need to go through the burn redeem flow again to update it on chain (we’ll refund you the gas cost since it’s our error).

Will let you know when you’re good to go ahead in a few minutes!

Ok, that’s fine. I appreciate the help. I will stay in contact to confirm that it works when ready

Sorry again about the issue! As we’re developing new features, we unintentionally broke this :frowning:

Go here and hit “Update” to submit the transaction, then everything should be working again.


This was the message I got after updating

let me see why that happened

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Hey Cory! Try one more time and let me know if it works. Make sure to refresh the page.

LFG its fixed! confirmed with the 1st mint.

Awesome!! LFG

Sorry again for the inconvenience!

All good I like doing this that push the limits so I expected something to happen, all good! Hope its smoother for others in the future as well.

Quick question, some collectors are having trouble burning more than 1 token. Is there a possible fix for this?

we’ll take a look in a bit!

Thank you! Let me know just a few people wanting to burn more than 1 token at a time to save gas

Should be fixed shortly!

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