Burn redeem: limitation per wallet

Hey friends
I have a question regarding the burn redeem feature.
is it possible to also limit the redeemed nft per wallet, meaning:

The rules:

  1. Burn 1 NFT A to redeem 1 NFT B
  2. Only 3 redeemable NFT per Wallet (even if wallet holds more NFTs of A)

is this possible? i

Hey numo!!! Good to see ya around these parts.

Sadly no, as of right now we don’t have that feature, though we have discussed adding something like that.

Our main hold back is that it’s annoyingly easy for someone in the scenario you’ve described to transfer NFT A to a different wallet to game the system and redeem over the limit. We’re still trying to think how to solve for that :thinking:

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johnny thanks for the reply

Yeah I understand you can trick the system haha but I think it could help in some usecases e.g.:

I had a 100/100 burn-to-redeem drop. the burn-nft was a drop before which has a supply of 1000.
So there is one wale he got like 50 of the burn-nft minted. The person burned 40 of it and has now almost half of the redeem nft…
So my idea was it to limited it to 1 or 2 per wallet.

That would mean now the person need to transfer the burn-nft to 50 or 25 wallets to burn all of his nfts…
maybe in that case that means a lot of work to do…

so it helps to have just that feature…
Hope you understand what I mean xD

thanks for reading