Burn Redeem mechanism cannot find my contract (step1)

Hi, friends. I am having an issue. When I try to use Burn Redeem mechanism, it cannot find my contract (in step1), so I cannot go to through the process. Would u help me with that?

Here a video (on we transfer, because I am new and the forum do not allow me to send files) of the problem: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thank u in advance.

Thx for reaching out. We won’t be able to download the file but you can post screenshots of your issue. What is the contract type you’re looking to burn? Currently BurnRedeem only supports ERC1155 tokens minted from a Manifold Contract.

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I did not get to the part of burning. I am still in step 1 and passing to the part where I choose the contract. But it says I have no contract, although I already have one on mainnet.

You contract is an ERC721. Burn Redeem only supports ERC1155s

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Thank u so much. And sorry for my mistake. Would u know how I can differentiate erc721 from erc 1155? (Sorry for my ignorance)

I just saw. It is in the moment of building the contract.