Burn Redeem multiple tokens

Gm, I was wondering when (if ever) it’s going to be possible to burn 2 or more different 1155 tokens to redeem another singular 1155 token.

Hi - Right now we don’t offer this functionality, it’s definitely something on our radar as we get feedback from our community. Would love to hear more about the drop - Have the two 1155s been minted already?

Thanks for the quick reply! Just asking because I saw this:

Enabling burns and redemptions of multiple tokens at once (e.g. burn 3 separate 1155 tokens to redeem one new one)

Written in the coming soon section on the Burn-Redeem App page.

Only one of the 1155s has been minted so far. The idea was to airdrop the second one to holders so they can burn both of them to get a new version of the art, reflecting the use of the airdrop in the artwork. Creating sort of a storyline if that makes sense.

Yeah that sounds awesome - Especially the story component. How did the 1155 drop go?

Definitely something on the horizon. Keep us posted as you scope things out too, it helps us figure where to go next.

Drop went well! Over 100 minted, so a lot better than expected.
Now just figuring out how to bring the storytelling element into it.

Awesome! Keep us posted

Hi there, I’m new here (and fairly new to using the manifold platforms well ) so apologies if I’ve overlooked anything.

I saw in the FAQ this feature was ‘coming soon’. Was just wondering how soon ‘soon’ might be? and/or if there might any beta testing with select artists in the coming weeks/months? I am working on a fun drop that would eventually require this feature and would love to discuss it with you folks and see if it’s anything you might like to play with in terms of any possible beta/pre-release of the feature?

For context, I (Jerry Liu) am the artist & founder of Kibatsu Mecha, and recently used the claim app to drop a free Lunar New Year edition to holders. It was such a smooth experience thanks to you folks!


I’m also planning to use multiple 1155 tokens burned to redeem one 1155. I haven’t dropped any as I would like to explain the whole idea before doing anything.

The idea is to drop 4 different 1155, and holders would be able to burn 2, 3, or 4 to get a single 1155 based on the tokens they burned.

Have a great day!

This is possible now: