Burn & Redeem page issue

Hi, I’m having an issue when using WalletConnect at 1 red paperclip March

Any assistance is appreciated.

What step are you running into this? Are you able to connect with wallet connect?

I think that your burn might have actually succeeded and this is a UX error. Can you share the address you are trying to burn from?

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This is correct from what I see on etherscan.

I believe the BR went smoothly but the UX died at the very last second, giving the appearance of failure. Please do not burn and redeem again if you only wanted to do this once!

Should be all fixed now! Thank you so much for this report. Your burn redeem went through successfully so you did indeed get your token from that BR transaction you pushed out.

Turns out the issue had to do with using Wallet Connect while having the Metamask extension installed on your browser (but not using it for your burn redeem). Would cause us to error when parsing your successful transaction.

Looks like we have this issue on our claims as well so I’ve gone ahead and patched it there too.

Cheers! Good find.

Thanks for checking it out johnny. I really appreciate the support that Manifold provides.

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