Burn Redeem Page Issues

I’m trying to set up my first Burn Redeem page.

I successfully created a Claim Page for the token I intend for people to burn. The Claim Page is live right now. It is an 1155 token from an 1155 contract.

When I go into the Burn Redeem App to continue the process and get to Step 2 (Select Burn Token) and I select the contract of the token I want to burn - it tells me that I don’t have any assets minted on that contract yet. BUT, clearly I do since I successfully launched the claim page/the token is ready to be minted by collectors.

Now, the only thing I can think of is that someone first needs to mint the FIRST edition of the open edition for it to officially register as a minted token.
Right now nobody has minted/collected it yet. Maybe that is the issue?

Please help! Thanks

gm! Thanks for reaching out - If 0 tokens have been minted out from the first claim, it wouldn’t be possible to do a burn/redeem campaign.

With a claim page the tokens aren’t minted until the collector goes through the process, creating the claim page doesn’t mint any tokens.

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Great! Thank you for the reply!