Burn redeem page on Base network is not showing deployed contracts to pick tokens for burning


I just wanted to setup a burn redeem on Base. I have to contracts deployed:

Now I want to create a burn redeem. Tokens from the DZOEB contract shall be redeemed for burning DZBCKS tokens.
So I selected the DZOEB contract and clicked “create burn redeem page”.

So far so good, selected the Base network, then prepared the redeem asset.

But on step 02 - “Select burn token” I can’t select any contract, although I should see the DZBCKS contract:

Shouldn’t I see the DZBCKS contract here? Or should I just go for the manual contract address input?

Thx for any help :slight_smile:

First Update: I tried to add the DZBCKS contract manually via “Other Contracts”, but it wouldn’t let me continue:

Ok, I managed to set it up through the “Other Contracts” step. The missing piece was hitting “space” when selecting the token id :smile:

I’d mark this as the solution but I think it’s not really. The contract should show up under “Your Contracts” as I deployed it through Manifold Studios, but it doesn’t…


Thanks for bringing this up and the fix - We’ll work on this issue on our end