Burn/Redeem Pages still asking for access to ALL NFTs

Burn/Redeem pages are asking for access to all NFTs and not just the ones listed on the burn contract. Persistent issue from yesterday. Scaring my buyers each time I drop a burn/redeem. Any help would be appreciated.

I realize this could be a metamask interpretation error but is there anything we can do from the manifold side to try to ensure it can read the burn contract to indicate it properly? thanks in advace,

you see this transaction listing on OS too - just make sure it’s a Manifold link and you’re fine

Sure but this just started happening out of nowhere for me on my manifold burn/redeem pages. Usually if you examine the contract request it will tell you it only wants access to the tokens on the contract that is going to be burned, not all NFTs in the wallet :confused:

This is a UI issue on Metamask’s end, it reads the contract as “NFT” instead of the tokens on the contract sometimes. The transaction is not requesting approval for all the NFTs in your wallet, it’s requesting approval for the contract of the burned tokens.

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