Burn Redeem Question (Latest update)


Currently it only allows this:
A x A = B
A x A x A = B

Instead of:
A x B = C
A x B x C = D

I know there was a recent addition of burning from any contracts as well. I just toyed around with it and it wouldn’t let me do it neither (and I’d prefer if I can burn it similarly to how ERC721 contracts can).

I know this is available on ERC721 contracts, but is there any ETA of when this will be available for ERC1155 contracts? I just have several things ready to utilize this, so I’ve just been patiently waiting until then.

Thank you for everything you all do :clinking_glasses:

Stay tuned for an update this week. :eyes:

Keep an eye on our twitter.

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You guys are fast!! THANK YOU :pray: The community appreciates everything you do.