Burn-Redeem Suggestion

Hey guys, trying to navigate the burn redeem app and I have a question.

Is it possible to create a Burn - Redeem where in it, you can burn different tokens (individually) to achieve the same result?


Burn 2 x token 1 = redeem token 3
Burn 1 x token 2 = redeem token 3

I can’t seem to find that option. So the only option would be for me to create the first burn redeem which would be “Burn 2 x token 1 = redeem token 3” then end it, change the burn redeem rules and re-open the next “Burn 1 x token 2 = redeem token 3”

I created a mock-up jpeg screenshot of what it would look like.

Great feedback - Thanks for reaching out. Do you have a drop in mind for something like this? Curious how many combinations you’re considering

well, I think the combinations can be depending on how many NFTs are in that burn cycle.

For example, if I had 5 different tokens that required burning, so 5 x 5 = 25 combinations I guess?

My current drop, you can burn your way up from Token 1 all the way to Token 6. So, for example
I would love to be able to offer the following:

4 x Token 1 + (0.02 eth) = gets you token 5
3 x Token 2 + (0.01eth) = gets you token 5
2 x Token 3 + (0.01eth) = gets you token 5
1 x Token 4 + (0.01eth) = gets you token 5

This way, it gives certain tokens more value as well. In this scenario, Token 4 is the most valuable (as people have burned their way up to it from Token 1 and spent money and gas), thus only required to burn 1 of it to get access to Token 5.

However, the only option I have now, is to open each of those burns individually, one at a time which is a bit annoying and not as user friendly as being able to offer all of them at the same time

any chance you guys are thinking of implementing something like this? I feel this is the next logical step for the burn progression to evolve :innocent: