Burn redeeming on live editions claim page

Gm Manifold Community

I am setting up an edition sale/claim page which has been done :heavy_check_mark: what I want to do now is create 3 different burn redeem pages that simultaneously link to this new edition?

The new edition live only in 12+ hrs does not show as a redeemable asset yet please can you assist asap thanks!

Gm! Just wanted to clarify a little more about what you’re looking to do. It sounds like you’re trying to do the following:

You have already setup:
Claim A to get (Token 1)

And you’re looking to setup:
Burn 1 (Token 1) to get Token 2
Burn 2 (Token 1) to get Token 3
Burn 3 (Token 1) to get Token 4

In order to setup the burns a token from Claim A will need to be minted before you’re able to create the burn and redeem campaign.

gm lyndo - apologies i replied via email and it bounced back

what i want to do is a bit different its this:

  1. i have a live limited edition page running here:

i would like collectors to do the following:
2a. obviously collectors mint from it
2b. collectors of previous edition ‘x’ be able to burn redeem it for 1 above
2c. collectors fo previous edition ‘y’ be able to burn redeem it for 1 above, etc.

So i want the two burn redeems to run concurrently to the claim and reduce the number available in the claim as they are burned and redeemed?

can you adivse? thank you so much for your time!