Burn rules with 'or' vs. 'and' for multiple contracts

I can’t find a way to add an additional contract to a burn rule to effectively make the rule an ‘or’ vs. two separate rules. By default it appears I must create two different rules which produces an ‘and’ rule which requires multiple tokens for burn.

Goal: require only one token to be burned from either of two different contracts in order to redeem a single new token.

In effect, I want to turn the ‘and’ in this screenshot to an ‘or’. Is this possible?

Burn rules currently don’t support or operative. You’ll want to create two separate burn pages.

two different burn pages would create two different redeemed tokens though, yes? if so, doesn’t sound like that’ll work as i don’t want a duplicate redeemed token. just making sure i’m not misunderstanding the approach you’re recommending.