Burn to redeem ERC 721 / not numbered

I created a burn-to-redeem page for ERC 721 tokens but they are not numbered.
Is this the usual behavior - I thought they would distribute w/ a 1/X number system

can you link to the burn redeem page?

they are minting strange too

can see some have just numbers


that looks to be just a cache error but still not numbered

Ah, yes, burn page 721’s are not numbered yet. Adding support for this later, but in the meantime, if you want to number them at the end, can walk you through the way to do this manually.

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Thank you, Wilkins! I will take you up on this. Curious if that is possible to do post-mint - is it also possible to update the file it’s linked to?

Thinking of a surprise and delight where each one becomes a 1/1

Yes, absolutely possible. Let me know when you want to do this and can help you out.

2 more mints, and I will ping you. The best way is to do it here?

Yes, this is the best place to reach us.

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Ok! Ready for a walkthrough when you have time