Burn to redeem for 721 Edition is so far not making them numbered

I have a burn to redeem on my 721 contract that is making an edition of 69 - I assumed this would make numbered 721s like it does on the normal contract, is that not the case here? Some explicit warning about that if this is intended would be nice.

We can help you get the metadata updated to whatever you’d like. They can even be unique. It’s “off menu” atm but can walk you through. Lmk what you want to do.

oh snap, that’s interesting - yeah I believe adding numbers is preferable

I too would love help with this! I’ve found the following for tokens minted with the claim app:

But doing the same for 721s created with the burn redeem app looks somewhat different.

Will we be able to add edition numbers to every token created with a single burn page, or does it have to be done manually one by one?

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For claims, you can follow the instructions on that thread. We’ll be looking to make this doable in the UX soon.


The numbered 721s have been slowly de-numbering themselves, with the majority now being unnumbered again. Any way to make this stick, or is this an opensea issue?