Burn to Redeem Help- Zora L2 Contract

Hey there,

I’m trying to set up a burn to redeem and have been getting this error:

“That contract couldn’t be found. Has it minted a token yet? Is it on the mainnet network? Both are required.”

I launched an erc-721 collection on Zora L2 in August and it is saying the contract can not be found. Zora no longer has a burn-to-redeem function on their platform and I was told today that they have no plans to reimplement it in the future. I have artwork from 2 artists ready for the redeems and was curious what I can do to make my collection contract (and other Zora L2 contracts) compatible with Manifold’s burn-to-redeem.

Thanks in advance!

gm! Can you send us a link to the collection you’re referring to?

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Sure thing.

This is the collection link on Zora:

The contract address is at the end of that link:

Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately this isn’t something we support at this time but it’s great feedback for our team.

That’s unfortunate. Are you aware of any other credible platforms where I can create a burn-to-redeem that might work with this type of contract?