🔥 Burn to Redeem + Small ETH fee

I am planning a system for casting NFTs with Burn to Redeem.
Normally, Burn to Redeem is a system where we get a new NFT by Burn the NFT we have.

Is it possible to create a system where we can get a new NFT by sending the NFT in our possession and a specified amount of ETH at the time of that Burn?

For example,

Pay A NFT and 0.05 ETH to get B NFT.

I am trying to find out if something like this can be done with manifolds.
I would be very happy if you guys could help me!

gm! So you’re looking for a collector to send you a token with ETH and instead of burning, it will go to your wallet and then they receive a token in return? So the mechanic is almost like paying for a token with another token + ETH? Sounds like an awesome mechanic, it’s not possible atm with Studio’s current tools.

Would love to hear a little more about this usecase though - About how many tokens are you looking to sell?