Burn to redeem “Wallet not eligible for the burn”

So one of my collector nudge me about burn to redeem issue, long story short he already have the required token to burn with excess amount yet the page says his wallet is not eligible for the burn

SS :

Note :

  • The burn needs 2 initial token to be sacrificed and he got 46 of it…
  • I got 3 burn to redeem pages live and all of it says the same that his wallet is not eligible for the burn.
  • Using base chain

Would love to got some enlightment about it, thanks!

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Gm! Thanks for the heads up. Can you provide a link to your burn campaign? Also can you provide a list of the affected wallets? We’ll need this information to try and reproduce this error

hey arctefact.eth, sorry about the delay. we have been having trouble ingesting base data over the weekend. please inform your collectors to try again, and hopefully they can access the burn interface now.