Burn to redeem with different tokens

So I already have 3 kind of tokens ( ERC-721, editions ) which now I want to use to burn for 1 ERC-1155.
But the different part is this : Each edition have some points ( 25,50,100 ) so for eaach type of ERC-721 I need to setup the rules like : 1x a specific type of token for 1x claim, 2x a specific type of token for 1x claim and 4x a specific token for 1x claim. How can I do this?

We don’t support this in the UX/configuration just quite yet unfortunately (even though the smart contract does)

Which tokens are you using?

https://opensea.io/collection/nfa-tickets - that’s the collection that can be burned ( Blue ones - 1:1 , Purple ones - 2:1, Red ones 4:1 )

https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0xfbc8c44af849f8bdc43cdce1397caa326b22c7a9/2 and this is the NFT that they get.

Another issue is that they can’t select multiple tokens ( of the same color ) to burn for multiple tokens. They get an error. Why?