Burn token seems to be messing up

i dont think i have seen this issue, but my burn token seems to be messing up, it wont show up on opensea, and when i check on rarible it shows the creator address as me instead of the open edition address, dont really understand what happened lol
this is the burn link TRASH 1

the second burn TRASH 2 seems to be showing up fine

the contract address is 0xcc52282d341286426c506152327bd6c78a9a9a9d

If the token is appearing on Rarible and Opensea, likely you’ll have to open a support ticket with Opensea. Do you have multiple wallet address you use to deploy from? The best thing to do is verify what is correct on chain and then figure our if it’s the platforms that are displaying your tokens incorrectly.

thank you, i have contacted OpenSea as i assumed it may be a indexing issue