Burn tokens to new collection

I have created one smart contract. I want to have holders burn all their tokens on the contract but would like the new token to be under its own collection all by itself.

So original tokens will have one collection on Opensea and the new tokens after burn would be in their own collection on Opensea.

Opensea treats each new contract as a new collection. If the Redeem token is on a different token than your Burn contract then it sounds like that is what you’re looking for.


Thank you. Good to know each Manifold contract will be its own collection.

So when you say “redeem token is on a different token” do you mean “contract”?

I can burn tokens from Contract A and have the new tokens show up in Contract B. I just need to have two contracts set up?

Also, can Contract A be a ERC 721 and Contract B be a ERC 1155?