Burning a ERC-1155 token for ERC-721 token

Hello! My head hurts a bit cause I don’t get what should I do to make this work.
So I already have a Contract with ERC-1155 tokens.
I want to make a burn-redeem page for people to burn 1x ERC-1155 token and mint 1xERC 721 token.
I already made the contract for the ERC-721 and use batch minting.
Now when I go to burn to redeem and create a new one, it makes me create another nft. I don’t understand what are the steps to make it work. Can someone please help me?

These are the contracts : ERC-1155 : https://opensea.io/collection/nfa-comics
ERC-721 : https://opensea.io/collection/nfa-tickets

Is this correct what I m doing?

Burn/redeem allows you to redeem for a newly created token. Not an existing one.