Burning an ERC-1155 token - high gwei

Hello! I created yesterday an ERC-1155 token than a claim page, didn’t knew it will create a new one ( it should be announced that first you should make the claim page , not being necessary to create a token first ) . Now I would want to burn that 1st token as the one with claim page is almost sold out. When I make the steps, I end up with a very high price on gwei. Is it normal? Is it any way I can make this? Thanks

gm - This explainer might help explain the difference between preminting a token VS creating a claim page.

As far as burning the token - Are you looking to burn all 50 tokens? What is the gas fee you’re seeing vs what you’re expecting?

Yup, now I get the claim !
Even if I want to burn 1 edition or 50, the price is the same : 0.3 eth which seems kinda lot

Ok, I figure it out, I completed with my own address and it worked smoothly, cost me only 1 dollar to burn all of them. But now the token is still appearing in the collection. Can I make it disappear?

You can make this request to Opensea by creating a support ticket with them!

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