Burning ANY tokens from existing manifold contract for redeem

Hi all.
Would be nice to be able to have the option of burning ANY of the tokens minted on particular contract. For example, we have 4 tokens on existing contract. We want to set 3 to 1 burning option to redeem the new token. We would love for those 3 to be the combination of ANY of the available 4 we already have on a particular contract.
Looking forward to hearing back from @manifold crew

same question was also mentioned by a fellow creator here Burning Multiple Different Tokens on Same contract for Redeem

This is coming soon. Please stay tuned.

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Thank you! Looking forward! Keep us posted!

This is possible now

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Hey hey! Thanks for the update! :pray: Its an amazing upgrade and super great work! However, we have seen this thread and there’s another person who asked about a possibility of burning multiple tokens (exactly what we had in mind) in the same Twitter thread you sent us. And Richerd answered *soon

are you sure this question has been solved with this upgrade? I will reiterate and try to be more precise.
Can we burn multiple tokens at once as any combination of the tokens we have on the contract simultaneously for redeem?
Thanks so much in advance

Hey im looking for a feature that allow us to set “burn any tokens” from a contract rather than specific ones. I am assuming this isn’t allowed on this update but would be happy to be corrected

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Great call Sunken.
Came back to reinstate our question again.
If we want to burn the combination of any 3 out of 5 available. Can we actually do it?
Or the only mechanics for that would be doing it by editing the burn page and burning them one by one?

Right now the redeem will require burning every token we choose for the burn.

Also, in this case - can we choose tokens A and B to burn for redeem. And then edit the page and choose token C to do the same?

Thanks in advance. Would appreciate hearing back from you @manifold.