Burning loss during burn redeem

So when you do the burn redeem and if you are late to the party it apparantely burns your nfts without getting you the new one.

Is there someway around this? Im stuck compensating ppl now…

Would appreciate some help


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Gm! Thanks for reaching out - Looking to get a bit more information so we can see what is going on. Can you clarify what you mean by being late to the party? Where are your collectors burning the tokens from?

Also do you have links to transactions where this is the case? Thanks!

If someone misses a burn as the new token is sold out. They loose their pending burning nfts.

Does it make sense?

Do you have any links to transactions where this happened - i.e. someone burned a token but didn’t receive any in return?

I saw the transaction back then. I need to dig hard to refind it: Here is his wallet.

The transaction did take the burned and returned nothing back to him. So basically it did spend gas and took his nfts and gave him nothing in return.

Curious to hear what the solution will be. This has worried me. I’ve wondered about, say one token was remaining for a redeem, and 3 people make the same transaction at the same time. Could 2 people lose their burn token and not receive the redeem reward?

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