Burning mechanisms + custom amount of eth

Hey all, I just have a suggestion for the currently offered burn redeem mechanics.
In regards to what is offered so far:
You can select individual tokens to burn, and an additional amount of eth to progress on with the burn. It says ‘all of the following NFTs are required’ where it would be so much better if you could give certain NFTs on your contract more value than others, other than just through quantity.
But what would be great is, if you could burn certain nfts and a custom of amount of eth for that particular token.

Here’s an example:

Burn token 1 + 0.01ETH = new NFT #001
Burn token 2 + 0.02ETH = new NFT #001
Burn token 3 + 0.03ETH = new NFT #001

Here you can see in the burn mechanics you have the option to select individual tokens, + and custom amount of eth in order to progress with the burn.
I tried
So far the only options are to select which NFTs, the number of NFT, and once that is selected, an amount of ETH. I tried my best to explain it haha.
Would be great if that option could be added :slight_smile:

Really cool suggestion - How many pieces are you thinking to do this for?

Well I think you should be able to allow what ever amount, depending on how many burn redeems you have previously setup.

For example, this ‘burn series’ I’m currently working on will have 8 works in total.

So, if people choose to burn all the way from 1-8, if they decide to burn #7 to get #8 the additional ETH would be cheaper as they have paid all the way up to 7 to get there.

Where as a person wanting to jump from #1 to #8 will have to pay more as they haven’t paid as much, if you get me.