Burning NFTs or transferring Tokens to another contract

Hi All,

I’ve noticed an error in one of the traits of an NFT in our collection and I understand that we can’t edit the metadata once it’s been minted so I’m looking to burn the tokens and start again. However, I see that we can’t use the same token ID again so it’s going to look as if we have minted more NFTs than we’ve said we have because the token IDs are going to be more than the max number of NFTs in the collection.

It’s taken so long to upload all the NFTs and the traits onto Manifold and I don’t want to start all over again and create a new contract and upload the NFTs and their traits for a third time. Is there any way to transfer the token images and traits in Studio to another contract to mint? I’d appreciate any help or advice from the community.

Is there any way to change an NFT once it’s been minted?

I’ve updated the data in Manifold and clicked on the “Update to Mainnet” button and verified the transaction. When I check the metadata and the gallery in Manifold, the changes have been made but they are not reflecting on the platforms.

gm! Catching up here. As far as updating the tokens, you want to ensure that it’s been changed on chain by checking the metadata. In some cases the tokens will require manual refreshes from platforms like Superrare. Opensea/Rarible etc should pick this up automatically. If it still hasn’t refershed, can you send us a link to the token?

As far as transferring the token metadata that isn’t supported atm.