Burning tokens based on a specific trait

GM everyone! I hope this finds you well.
I was wondering … does anyone know if you can set it up so holders can burn tokens of a collection based on a specific trait?
Say I have a collection with 3 tokens:

  • Token #1 has traits A and B
  • Token #2 has traits B and C
  • Token #3 has traits C and D

Can I set up a burn-redeem for a new token (Token #4) where holders can burn any token with trait B for example (meaning Tokens #1 and #2)?
So when they go redeem this new token, they can select and chose to burn tokens with this trait?
Basically giving the holders these 3 options:

  • Token #4 = Tokens #1 + Token #2
  • Token #4 = Token #1 + Token #1
  • Token #4 = Token #2 + Token #2

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You can use snapshots to accomplish a mechanic like this - As long as you have a list of wallets that are eligible to claim then you’re all set.

Hi Lyndo, thanks for your reply.

This could work, yes, and I had thought of this, but this isn’t exactly what I was referring to.
That wouldn’t work for what I had planned because what if people buy the tokens (in this example, Tokens #1 and #2) in secondary markets, just so they can burn them for Token #4. Then they would have to contact me directly so I can add them to the SnapShot manually?

My idea was to create a burn/redeem page for Token #4 that could stay live to allow people to purchase tokens #1 or #2 so they can burn for Token #4, but I’m assuming that isn’t possible?

I guess what I’m referring to would be closer to the mechanics of Checks VV, where people can actually chose which of their 80 Checks to burn for a 40 Check. In this case it would be based on a specific trait.

You would have to set up multiple burns with the restrictions based on specific token id’s. Multi-burn is also now available so this should be possible with a bit of work.