BurnRedeem app Burn Token preview displays old metadata

I have setup a draft BurnRedeem app.

On step 2, the Burn token is not displaying the updated artwork? The token displays properly on LooksRare and Rarible and was updated within Manifold.

But the BurnRedeem app shows the old preview. Is this caused because I have Claim Page that shows Live but ended before it was published?

How can I update the Burn token preview?

Thanks for your help

gm! Thanks for bringing this up - Seems like this is an issue on our side that we’re working on. Will keep you posted as we are still looking into this!

I deleted the Draft BurnRedeem app and rebuilt it. Same problem persists–no preview of updated 1155 token.

Appreciate you looking into the issue.

Do you think I should burn this 1155 and startover? How would I do it?