Campaigns Help, know how please


I am trying to do a presale campaign, and I find Manifold hard in this way.

I set up a campaign on the Manifold Dev , its unclear how to do the best practice with it

  1. No info about (know how)
  2. no links to share
  3. Impossible to set up an allowlist (white list / presale), with limit price and limit date.
  4. there is a very little information about all the benefits for the Snapshots (almost 0)

perhaps its me, cause I am to new using Manifold, but I suggest to explore this marketing tool for the community, all of us will be super grateful.

gm! Thanks for reaching out! Can you explain a bit more of what you’re looking to do?

ie - what is the nature of the drop, how many tokens, what is the experience you’re looking to create etc

Our documentation might be helpful, some examples of links here: