Can a claim page have separate pages for holders/non holders?

is it possible to create multiple open edition claim pages of the same token/artwork? like one page for holders (free) at the same time as one for non-holders (w a price)?

Unfortunately not; that’s a pretty complex use case.

You could do the same drop in 2 phases, initially as a free whitelist of token holders (obtained with our snapshot tool: Snapshot Tool - Manifold Docs), and then edit the claim to be open with a price.

Alternatively, you could do 2 claim pages with the same artwork (note that for 1155 tokens the tokenId will be unique to each claim page).

ok thanks, if i do open editions w say a limited amount of 100, does each NFT get a number out of 1/100? i.e. “SONG TITLE #3/100”. OR would it appear like this " SONG TITLE #3)

these would be 721’s btw