Can an Art be shown on Nifty Gateway and Foundation marketplaces after minted on Manifold?

Could you help me with a question related to Manifold and Nifty Gateway? I was reading the documentation on your website and unfortunately I didn’t find the answer, but I saw that Manifold provide an email address for contact that’s no longer available.

My question is the following: I am an artist with my pieces mostly on Nifty Gateway, however I want to expand our community to those collectors who love collecting directly with ETH as they prefer a more “crypto” way of things. However, at the same time I still want to keep my old collectors up to date with our journey, so in short, I want to make my next drop in the form of editions through Manifold but I also want this new work to be possible to trade within the Nifty Gateway and Foundation platforms. Would it be possible?

If yes, it would be magnificent.

Hi! This might provide a bit of info on your NG drops. Like all tokens when you mint with a Manifold contract it will be ingested to any platforms that are not gated. Your producer will help you get things started.

Here’s a bit more info:

If you have any more questions feel free to respond or email me at

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Thank you so much for your response, Lyndo. I read the article you sent but still have some doubt about it. I sent you an email if you don’t mind. :pray: