Can HTML tokens access their own NFT metadata or otherwise be seeded?

(I have read the minting HTML pages manifold documentation page and several forum posts, none seem to address my question.)

I want to mint a single HTML page that behaves differently based on either the numbering of the NFT or some other factor.

I would ideally want a number (whether unique or ordered) embedded into the HTML page somewhere… less great, but maybe workable is if there is a way for the HTML page to access its own NFT metadata (including its own numbering within the series).

If this isn’t supported yet… it’s literally the only thing stopping people from being able to do their own manifold-based Art Blocks style drops.

Would be grateful for any help or pointing in the right direction!

Basically… if I could provide a single HTML file, but have the manifold minting (ideally batch or claim minting) somehow inject some bit of data that the scripting in the HTML could then use as the basis for divergent behavior (despite having the same code), that’s what I’m looking.