Can I configure the claim page to mint via an extension?

Hi there, I have created a custom extension to override token URIs and I have been wondering whether I can create a claim page that uses the minting mechanism of my extension?

Also it would be great if claim pages could be deployed in Sepolia for testing.


gm michalis,

Right now can’t create claim pages that uses the minting mechanisms of an extension. We’ve considered this but then felt it there were a a few issues around security that would need to be addressed to enable this functionality.

Can I ask what your custom extension does, and what you are envisioning when you override the token URI? there may be some other way we can get your intended contract to work.

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Hi richerd,

the extension changes the uri of a token every time the token is transferred (using the transfer approval callback) up to a certain number of transfers. You can find the contract at GitHub - 0xmichalis/manifold-dynamic-uri: A Manifold extension for dynamic token URIs

Thanks for the prompt response!