Can I create a claim page for a token already minted?

Hey all

This is my first time ever using Manifold, and I’m a bit lost.

I created a ERC1155 contract, on which I minted a token.
This seemed to be the most logical thing to do first.

But my goal is to actually create a claim page for that token.
Now, when I want to create a claim page, it’s like I have to mint the token again. I don’t see any option to use the already minted token for that claim page.

The only option I have for that minted token, is to list it on Manifold Gallery, which isn’t what I’m trying to do.

Is there anything I can do?
Do I need to burn the previously minted token, and remint it through the Claim app?

Any help would be truly appreciated!

Thank you

When you create a claim page you’re not minting the tokens, you’re deploying a page that allows others to mint tokens from your page. In your case you’ve already paid the gas to mint the token. The token can be burned or it can be repurposed with new metadata! Claim Page - Manifold Docs

Thanks for the information.

I’ll just create a claim page then.
Regarding the token that I already minted, instead of burning it, I updated the metadata and made it an Artist’s Proof instead, for legacy.

I’ve hit update on mainnet, paid for the tx, but metadata doesn’t seem to update on platforms like, Rarible, LooksRare, etc or even Etherscan, despite me hitting the refresh metadata button.

Any idea why?
Note that metadata updated on OpenSea though.

Thank you

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