Can I create a mint page with 6 different Editions that will send them randomly to a minter's wallet?

I want to create a mint that has 6 Editions (ERC1155) as options.
so If a user mints 1 token they will randomly get one of the six variations.
and if they mint 15 (for example), they would get a random distribution of those six.
is that something that is possible with the options without learning coding?

Hi! This is possible with our customize metadata feature using an ERC721 claim - An example here: Customize Editions(Reveal) - Manifold Docs

Since 1155s are multi-editioned tokens, meaning the token has multiple owners, they would all share the same metadata and wouldn’t be unique. This is why we use the ERC721 format to create the customized editions, each token will have it’s own ID and it can be unique.

okay, but I want them to be ERC1155

so basically, I have 6 colors. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange.

I want the end user to click mint and get an array of tokens. so if they mint 100, they will get a distribution of all the colors.
the reason they need to be ERC1155 in my mind is that they’ll then take a combination of two… .1 red, and 1 blue for example where they’ll burn those two tokens and get one token back that is essentially a half red/half blue ERC1155

this will be a long game of burning tokens in different combinations to get new art