Can I create a Redeemable Token in a non-manifold contract?

I want to make a redeemable token with a burn token already made in manifold contract (That has no fees due to Opensea), but I want this new redeemable to be on a brand new ERC-1155 collection I can make out of manifold and that has creator fees.

Is there a way this colllection can be eligible for the redeemable token to be minted in there? I’m not deploying the contract of new collection for now, since it could be a waste of time and money if the option in the third section called “Redemption Details” isn’t eligible. As I’m only seeing manifold ERC-1155 created contracts in there for now.

Thanks in advance, Trout.

To put things easy, Redeemable tokens can be minted in external ERC-1155 smart contracts that doesn’t has been made on Manifold? That’s my main question.

gm! At this time burnredeem supports Manifold contracts only!

If it helps, there’s a website called ‘zora create’ that already developed an option in their UI, so maybe contacting them and asking for help would fast the solution of fees? Thanks for the fast reply btw.

I mean, they already found a solution for the creator fees to be enforced on chain and show 10% or whatever you want to put on the collection in OS.