Can I cross-spec burn (721 -> 1155) tokens from existing contracts though Manifold?

Hello all,

Thanks for the help! Given the new abilities to burn 721 to 1155- I am wondering if the platform has the ability to use an existing contract (Hackatao’s QK trait contracts written/deployed by NFT Studios) to burn/redeem to an 1155 token for our community. We are investigating this process and love the manifold ease of use/front end experience.

Please advise!

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gm cbslim43,

Our updated burn contracts do support cross spec burning (721 to 1155 and vice versa) and the burning of NFTs from existing non-manifold contracts, but our UIs for configuration and sale have not yet been updated.

We’re currently working on the UIs right now and hope to have it ready soon.


Just wondering roughly how soon is soon? Hoping to burn any 3 1155 tokens in an existing collection for numbered 721 editions?

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Hi Just had a look at the updated burn redeem. I have to choose a 1155 token on the contract for burn redeem, Is there a way I can leave it open that collectors can burn any combination of tokens on that contract for a new 721? Thanks, Ronan

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This is possible now.

Only caveat right now is you will not have the “All Tokens” option when selecting an 1155 contract for burning. This is still a pending feature that’s only available when burning 721 contract tokens.

In the meantime you could do a timed window system. Select the token you want to allow for burning initially and release the BR. Then edit it to allow only a specific other 1155 token to be burnt. Let your community know when their timeslot is for their token.

Many thanks for the message. Ah yes I saw that. The problem for me is I’ve built up quite an assortment of different tokens on my 1155 contract so time slots won’t really work. Ideally what I’d like is collectors to be able to burn 3 or 4 of any combination of tokens they happen to have collected. I.e. 2 of token x plus 1 each of token y and z for redeemable token? Is that coming and if so can you give me a rough eta? As if it’s more than a month or so I’ll need collectors to do it manually by transferring to the burn address because I’ve been putting off this promised burn for quite a while now so I need to make moves soon. :sweat_smile: thanks again.

This is exactly what we are after. We have multiple contracts and wish to burn ANY number of tokens from any of our contracts. Example: We have 2 contracts and want people to be able to burn any 4 tokens from either in order to redeem.