Can I do public mint after I have already airdropped items from collection

if I airdropped 9 out of 99 of my collection, is there a way that I can do a random mint for the remaining 90 pieces?

Have you preminted the tokens to yourself or are you distributing them through a claim page?

If this has been done through an ERC721 claim, you can check out this tutorial which might be what you’re looking for. (Customize ERC721 Metadata - Manifold Docs)

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Hey thanks a lot for the reply.

So I had it set up so if the people holding a certain token sent 369 $wild to our wallet that we would airdrop them their matching piece that we built for them. So 9 people made their claim now we have 90 pieces left for public. Each art piece is 1 of 1 unique.

Now we are doing a public launch on February 29th for a higher price and want to make it so people can’t see what they are minting. I was looking at this video just want to be sure that this is the right way to do this.

This is the page that I am seeing when I go to create a claim

In the video, this is the page that is used and I cant seem to find it when I try to create a claim.

The option to edit tokens appears after you publish the actual claim.

Awesome thank you very much.

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Just wanted to add a quick note that a claim page is to deploy a page that allows collectors to mint tokens and pay gas fees. If tokens have already been minted, you won’t be able to distribute/sell them through a claim.

I only minted 9 pieces to other peoples wallets, the rest have not been minted yet so it should work.