Can I get a developers help on a burn redeem page please

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I would like to share with someone what I would like to do for my upcoming burn and just need some help!

What are you looking to do?

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I have made an art piece that has two halfs and I would like to be able to burn 2 differnt erc1155 (The Two Halfs) to get the main image! Right now I can only see the option to burn one NFT

let me know if this is somthing we can do!

This isn’t supported at this time in Studio! Definitely possible with your smart contract but you’ll need to code your own extension.

Is there a way to easily do this or somthing you can help me with?

Our documentation is a great place to start if you’re comfortable with development work: Introduction - Manifold Docs

Yah im not to big into development work im gonna have to find someone to help me with this! thank you for all the info now i just gotta find someone to help me haha

unless you can show me how! haha