Can I hide old contracts from my interface to stop confusing myself?


I have a question, rather funny I guess. When I was starting with Manifold, I created some contracts that were somewhat tasting the waters, trying what I can do.
Eventually, I had to create new ones because in the beginning I simply didn’t know what I was doing. The problem is that I have contract with same names (stupid me), so I have for example two of Bastien Editions.

I know you can’t delete a contract, but is it possible to hide those from my interface so it doesn’t confuse me if I for example want to create a claim page? When I do that, it gives me an option to choose which contract I want to mint that claim page to, and with two of the same name, I am a bit scared to mess it up even more.

Thank you

This is great feedback. I’ve seen this request come up a few times. Thanks for sharing!

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