Can I mint an edition and put airdrop addresses at a later time?

I’m trying to mint an edition that I will airdrop to people who collect my piece
from an upcoming drop on the 30th so I don’t have the list of addresses until then.
Since I’ll be traveling and not have access to my computer, I am hoping to mint today
but airdrop later.

Would appreciate any help with what options I have! Thanks.

You can mint the tokens to yourself and then transfer the token at a later time! If you’re looking to airdrop an 1155 you can add editions after the initial mint, so it can be done in several parts.

Hello lyndo, can it be done in several parts also with ERC721?

Hmmm - Can you be a bit more specific bout what you’re looking to do? Not sure if what you’re asking for is possible. Right now for ERC721 tokens, it isn’t possible to airdrop to different wallet addresses from studio.

Thanks for the response lyndo and for the possibilty to be more specific in what i am looking to do!
I am in the process of minting my first collection on foundation and would like to offer a piece of mine as bidder edition for all (current and future) bidders, and as a giveaway in the course of time for selected collectors/supporters. This piece should also be applicable as a “burn to redeem” edition in the future, and i am not sure whats the best and most effective way to do this with Manifold, eg reguarding the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standard. Does this have to be the same standard for both give away and burn to redeem piece to work? And are both standards supported by foundation? Thanks for your help in advance! Akama

For Foundation specifically, I believe the platform only supports erc721 tokens.

For the burn and redeem it can be either type of contracts.

Thanks for the information, your time and reply lyndo! I have now also contacted foundation to ask whether the ERC 1150 Information is still up to date. How would you suggest to organize such an airdrop over an undefined period of time in the future with constantly new to be added addresses with ERC 721 pieces?