Can i mint for multiple owners

Hi i would like to mint an nft that once purchase distributes automatically the customers money into two wallets is that possible?

i am a total noob and this is all chinese to me… (sorry for chinese people)… but i just vant to mint and get paid into tvo different vallets automatically, i vas told it vas possible here

gm! No problem - The first question is how are you looking to sell the tokens? If you’re looking to list a token for sale on a platform, you’ll want to double check that platform allows for wallet splits. If you list the token for sale with Manifold Gallery, you’ll be able to create the split for the auction right there.

There are tools like 0xSplits which will allow for a split between multiple addresses.

thank you for your reply. Ill sell wherever they support the split, but i vvant a direct purchase not an auction :frowning:

so basically, i check that any of your partner platforms host the split tool, then i build contract vvith manifold and mint, and list on their platform? is that possible for a dovnloadable file? are there any tuts on hov to create this?

If you want to list for a direct purchase (no auction) with a split payout, you can use Manifold’s Gallery app to do exactly this. Choose “Listing” option (see below) to create a flat priced sale.

Manifold Gallery supports split payout addresses.

For more information on Manifold Gallery, see our docs here.

ty bro, hov much vill it cost me? just gas?