Can I set up a Giveaway of batched NFTs

Hello Everyone, I hope you are Blessed and well.

I waa wondering if I can set a giveaway of unlimited number of NFTs that I minted thru a Batchwith Erc 721.

I appreciate your assistance

How are you looking to give away the tokens? Are you looking to create a mint page? Or transfer tokens you mint?

Hello there, I appreciate your reply. Below are some follow up questions. God Bless You,

I am looking to create a mint page, or is it a Claim page to do an Open Edition for a giveaway NFT where unlimited number of collectors can come in and mint their own free NFTs

2 NFTs I have already minted through Manifold’s Batch minting, can I delist these 2 NFTs from the batch and add it to the Claim Page? How would I do it?

I have alreayd created a Claim page, and the NFt it has on it, I want to add it to the Batch and delist it from the Claim Page. Can I do this? and How?

I am grateful for your help!!