Can not find my original contract in Manifold Studio when logged in with the wallet that created it

I have created ERC721 tokens under a contract, but I can not find the contract or the tokens in my Manifold Studio? Or any of my other wallets. The tokens are still accessible through the original links, but I can’t find my contract in Studio. Is it possible to check where it can be so I can access it? This is the contract address

This is the wallet that you will need to login with: 0x0298b637B80b269fef73F13d9F8101116F16920e

What are you seeing when you sign into Studio?

Hi @lyndo, thank you, yes that is what I was doing, but I can not find the tokens? The token contract name is WOWED, but I do not see the tokens in there, but they do exist.

do you have a link to the tokens you are referring to?

Here 3 ways to see them, manifold, website with links and opens;

here all 33 versions:

hi marieke, if you didn’t mint these tokens from within studio, can you trying importing your tokens for that contract using the instructions described here ?

[go] to your contract page
→ settings
→ “Add missing token”
specify either the ids or the opensea link