Can’t see contract or edit now that ENS and contract transferred to new wallet address 1/1 is not updating to new wallet address. I’m not able to Admin new wallet for edit residual % because I don’t own the contract. Can I de-list and burn the token so I can mint it again with a collection onto FND? Also, now that my Contract is updated I am no longer seeing my NFT tokens minted to the old wallet and cannot add Additional wallet in settings. Do I need to login from Chrome?

Hi Juliet - Sent you an email but would love to clarify a few things first.

Can you send me the link of your auction page that isn’t updating? You’re saying that you have a live auction and want it to be moved to a new wallet address?

A token can be burned if you are the owner. This maybe a good solution if you think this would be helpful.

What are you currently logged in with if not Chrome?

Auction 1/1 link:

Contract shows owned by Manifold. Does this mean I cannot burn or update Reserve bid? While I was transferring the contract in Etherscan it did briefly show my NEW wallet as the Owner, but Sold By still shows bad wallet:screen shot below.

I mostly use Brave Browser for all crypto and NFT. My wallet import extension is connected to Brave. I also use Chrome on occasion and Safari if either of those do t work.

The token is owned by the Manifold Gallery custodial contract. This is similar to how it works when you list tokens on Foundation.

You cannot burn tokens you do not own.

You can update the reserve bid in Manifold Studio’s Gallery App by logging in as the seller (0x4722bb2c281C6651192E36b7E03CCbf60844180D) and clicking the three dots next to the auction and updating reserve.

Sold by shows the seller of the token, which looks to be accurate to me.

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Thank you. I will try logging in with the 180d address. The seller address and payout and residuals need to be changed to the new wallet so if the auction gets purchased at some point the Eth Does not go to the compromised wallet. How do I do that? I would rather burn it off Manifold gallery auction and mint the entire collection if possible. That is the reason I’m doing this in a new wallet.

Gotcha. Then my suggestion is instead of changing reserve you do this.

In the app - hit the three dots and cancel auction. This will return the token to the seller (180d).

Now transfer the token from 180d to your new wallet (I typically use OpenSea for transfers). Then go into the Studio Gallery app and list from the new wallet.

Let me know if you have any issues doing that!

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I will try this when I get home from work tonight and let you know if I am successful!

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Got it! Second transaction worked. I beat the timed drain and transfer SUCCESS.

Ok. I transferred $eth for gas to initiate the transaction from my bad wallet 180d and the transaction rejected and was immediately drained from the wallet. I am going to try again, but if the $eth gas funds get drained again I may need help from you no the back end so I can get this Auction cancelled in the app and the token transferred to my secured wallet 74f5.

Question? Now that I’ve transferred my Auction to the NEW wallet - I have Token and Collection Drafts in the 180d wallet. Am I correct that I want to DELETE these and Recreate them in the NEW address app 74f5?

Glad to hear you got it working!

I would not re-create them if they are already minted. You can just transfer them to your new wallet.

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They are not minted yet so I am happy to rebuild them in the new wallet and delete in 180d. I’ve been waiting for months to accomplish this. :star_struck:

I’ve got another question that maybe you can suggest instructions for in Etherscan.

I want to transfer my original ASCii token to the new wallet as well so all of these base foundational items are in one place. Do I transfer the same way I transferred my JHAAS contract in the Write Proxy section?

How do I update the metadata description for my token? I had to re-upload the image last week trying to figure out this transfer and my original description was gone. #metadata