Can we customize burn redeem app to allow burning of multiple erc 1155 tokens in the same contract to redeem the new nft?

gm frens! i know this has been asked before, but was wondering if there was a workaround for this yet,

so i have a collection of multiple erc-1155 tokens, and i would like to allow collectors to burn any of the tokens in that contract collection to redeem a new art piece

the burn redeem app currently does not allow this functionality, and requires me to select only 1 erc-1155 for the burn redeem function

is there anyone out there who can help with a workaround for this? thank you!!

This isn’t supported in our Studio app yet but it’s possible if you built and coded your own extension. It’s a feature I’ve seen requested so we’ll be taking all this into consideration! Thanks for the feedback.

thank you so much mate! coding my own extension is beyond my skills for now so i’ll be following for updates on this…