Can you clear my Cache?

My wallet add: 0x17999410B26814afA672f5f9858145476B64B978

My collection link: Based Tycoon Kid Punks | Manifold

It’s still read older IMG “animated gif”. but mint dapp reads true “animated gif”

True img is:

i need help ASAP thx

It looks fine now.

Also, please do not open multiple topics for the same issue.

If this is a Twitter or farcaster preview, it is a caching issue on their end and you’ll have to look at how to clear Twitter/farcaster frame cache.

On farcaster, you have to go here on desktop:

And enter your link and refetch the frame.

also i am try to change mint price it is approved but not change the price? why

Chain Synchronicity Error

Your data is out of sync with our servers and the blockchain. Please contact Forum Support.

also I change the price and deploy but the manifold does not read ASAP.

As per bug report requirements, please post the requested information. You’re not providing enough information for us to help.

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thank you for this Wikins. can you check bug topic? I created a topic about bug of mint count. opensea & manifold shows different true one is opensea A S A P please the min is alive. thx.