Can you create an open edition that randomly mints different tokens?

Looking to do an open edition for a film release and wanted to see if there’s a way to randomly assign 1 out of 7 characters for every mint. Would be really cool if we could assign % rarities to each one as well but not sure what’s possible. I saw in the forum that something like this was being looked into back in January so wanted to bump the idea

Gm - Sounds like you’re trying to do a editions customization? We have an example of this here:

For a bit more info, we have a brief tutorial:

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Gm - tysm for the quick response!

This is super helpful, will dig in and follow up if I run into any issues :raised_hands:t4:

This is great info, I had a few questions that came up. Thanks again for helping with this!

-Does this work on 1155 contracts? Since we only have 7 versions, we are leaning 1155’s
-Is there a way to randomize the tokens or is the only way to manually upload csv and randomize beforehand?
-Is it possible to do an instant reveal mint?

It won’t work for 1155 contracts, the nature of erc1155 tokens is that the token has multiple owners so you wouldn’t be able to customize the metadata for each token. You’ll need to manually upload the csv at this time.

Wouldn’t be possible to do an instant reveal with the current feature. There’s always the option of developing your own extension for this but it would require some coding knowledge

Ah I see, yes I was originally thinking like how the 10KTF Stockroom is set up but that makes sense. If you have any links or tutorials that could be useful for developing our own extension would really appreciate any advice!

I’ll do some research and see what’s possible, thanks again for all of your help