Can you switch the marketplace where NFTs created through a manifold smart contract are listed?

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If possible I would like current NFTs on my smart contract to be listed through manifold gallery, and future NFTs minted on the contract to automatically list on manifold gallery. Also wondering what the maximum NFT file size you can list on manifold gallery is.

gm! Thanks for asking. Can you clarify a little about what you mean by switching the marketplace?

When I created my contract I choose to list NFT’s on OpenSea. If possible I’d like them to be displayed and listed on Manifold Gallery so I can share a manifold link to my collection. When I go to my tokens they have an option to view on Manifold Gallery, but they don’t load. Not sure what’s possible, but I appreciate the quick response.

Is there anyone who can help with this?

gm! When you mint a token, it will be ingested by platforms like Opensea and Foundation. It will also be visible on Gallery, for example here is one of your links: Life Of The Sea, March 12th

Can you send an example of a link that isn’t working for you?

gm. Interesting, I’ve tried your link on different days and devices but it never loads. All the other marketplaces on the token page for the NFT load, but your answer was helpful. I’ve set up a new collection on Foundation.
Thank you for your help and the forum,