Cancel minting - best practice

Hi team,

What is best practice when getting to the “Awaiting signature for mint transaction” step but gas is too high or not enough funds.

Is it okay to reject the transaction even though the gas has been paid for creating series?
What happens if you do that and try again later?

Or is is best to use Advanced Gas Settings to wait for lower GWEI and queue the txn even if that could be days or weeks away?


gm! Creating a series or batch mint installs the extension to your contract, similar to installing the Claim app etc this is a onetime gas charge for each contract.

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Thanks Lyndo.

Interesting… this is an existing contract with many tokens already minted. Is that due to it being a batch? Or yet another batch? The contract has a number of batches already minted.

So basically I can just reject the final mint transaction and come back next month when gas is below 30 again?